Zoe water is sampled from Mount Daibosatsu, surrounded by the greenery of the Yamanashi prefecture of Japan.
This location is an extremely unique part of the world: four major tectonic plates meet and cross over in Yamanashi. The underground strata of these tectonic plates becomes more complex as more tectonic plates are involved in the geology of the location. Zoe passes through many ores and minerals contained in the different strata, developing qualities in Zoe found nowhere else in the world. Yamanashi prefecture is also known for Japan’s highest quality naturally forming crystals. These crystals are said to purify and energise your life, and increase one’s immunity and cellular activities. Over time, the rain and snow that falls in this region proceed deep underground and pass through these crystals at 220m below sea level. This is where we find the natural mineral water, Zoe.

Yamanashi shares most mineral water products

Yamanashi and its famous mineral waters Yamanashi prefecture contributes to 40% of Japan’s mineral water production.
Increasing to 60% of all production with the inclusion of Yamanashi’s neighbouring prefecture,Shizuoka, home to the famous Mt Fuji.
Yamanashi prefecture is the home of Yatsugatake volcanic group. This mountainous range allows water to be trapped within the ranges despite continued heavy rainfall each year.
The mountain range provides an ideal underground mineral water network that provides water that is pure and healthy.

The amount of water production by prefectures(2015)

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