Super Soft Water

Commercial mineral waters are required to present the “hardness” of the water on their packaging for you to make an informed choice on the purchase of their product. The“hardness” is measured by the amount of calcium and magnesium in 1L of water. As a general rule, levels of less than a 100mg/L is known as soft water, 101-300mg/L as medium-soft water, and anything above 300mg/L is classified as hard water.
Most waters in Japan are considered soft water according to the above measurements.
Amongst these soft waters, Zoe reports an astonishing level of softness at 10.75mg/L.
Minerals such as magnesium produce a bitter taste, thus with low levels of this mineral,Zoe is extremely mild, almost sweeter tasting than other mineral waters. Low amounts of these metal ions also allows for efficient absorption of water particles in our digestive system. This makes Zoe an ideal water to drink for the young, elderly, people who are ill and/or with chronic bowel problems.
The cherry on top: Zoe’s super soft qualities make it ideal for use in cooking and drinks,such as coffee and tea, as the minerals don’t get in the way of the taste.
Examples of commercial soft mineral water:
- Suntory Minami-Alps natural water 30mg/L
- Kirin Alkali-ion water 59mg/L
- Volvic 60mg/L
- Crystal Geyser 38mg/L
Examples of commercial hard mineral water:
- Contrex 1468mg/L
- Vittel 315mg/L
- Evian 291mg/L
- Perrier 382mg/L

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