Baby & Water

Whether it be through breastfeeding or formula, Zoe provides the perfect combination of softness and purity for your child.
Babies have a higher body water percentage than adults, with 80% body-water content.
They also require more fluids to excrete waste from the body, given that the organs of a baby are not yet fully developed and their metabolism is 3-4 times higher than that of a grown adult. Even a slight decrease in water intake can cause symptoms of dehydration in babies.
Due to the ongoing development of a child’s intestinal organs, it is questionable that they should be drinking the same water that adults drink. One consideration you may have regarding regular tap water, is the presence of residual amounts of chlorine from the disinfection practices of water. In some places, ‘hard’ water also puts more pressure on one’s intestinal organs, which can result in diarrhoea.

Both breast milk and baby formulas are composed of a high percentage of water.
As breast milk is produced from within a mother’s body, it is important that mums worldwide drink the cleanest water we can find, in order to provide the healthiest breast milk for your children.
Zoe can provide you with peace of mind that your developing child is getting water that is pure and soft.
Baby & Water

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