Alkaline water

Regular tap water has a pH of 7.0 (neutral), whereas Zoe’s pH level is 9.0 (alkaline).
It has been found that under certain stressors, such as fatigue or irregular lifestyle, the cells in our body become more acidic and with this we can see a suppressed immune esponse. Often, symptoms such as dry irritated skin are a sign of such stress. Returning the body’s pH balance to a slightly alkaline state creates a better environment for the body to recover from fatigue. The regular pH level in the blood of a healthy person is 7.4 (slightly alkaline); it is said that an alkaline water may therefore have a positive effect on your body.
There is work to be done in providing definitive evidence on the effect of drinking alkaline water, however, the general opinion is that it can only do good, rather than harm.
If you suffer from chronic stress and/or other lifestyle diseases, alkaline water such as Zoe may be your next option.
The Pharmaceutical Affairs Act from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare,lists the effects of alkaline water as:Mainly acts as an antacid; contributes to the suppression/improvement to symptoms of:
- chronic diarrhoea
- indigestion
- abnormal bowel movements
- reflux.

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