Water we want our mums to drink
The important bond between your children and water

About Zoe

Zoe began with a simple question: exactly how clean is the water I am drinking?
Through my investigations into “the cleanliness of water”, I came across a not so familiar term, ‘nitrate-nitrogen’, and learnt about its shocking implications when found in our drinking water.

Zoe’s Standard

Less than 1/500

500 times less pollution than the accepted levels in Japan Zoe contains almost zero nitrate-nitrogen pollution.
At levels of a mere 0-0.02mg/L, Zoe is well below the maximum threshold set for nitrate-nitrogen in drinking water, making it one of the cleanest waters around the world.

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Ground Water From 220m Deep

Location of Zoe’s origin makes this refined ground water extremely unique and pure.

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Super Soft Water

Zoe is an extremely soft water - this allows efficient absorption of water particles into our body system - making Zoe an ideal water for the young, elderly, people who are ill and/or with chronic bowel problems to drink.

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Babies and Water

Whether it be through breastfeeding or formula, Zoe water provides the perfect combination of softness and purity for your child.
Babies have a higher body water percentage than adults, with 80% body-water content.
Given that the organs of a baby are not yet fully developed, and their metabolism is 3-4 times higher than that of a grown adult, babies require more fluids to excrete waste from the body. Even a slight decrease in water intake can cause symptoms of dehydration in babies.

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Body and Water

Water content is the key to your youth.
What quality of water do you choose to support the ongoing life inside of you?

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Alkaline Water

Returning the body’s pH balance to a slightly alkaline state creates a better environment for the body to recover from fatigue. The regular pH level in the blood of a healthy person is 7.4 (slightly alkaline); it is said that an alkaline water may therefore have a positive effect on your body.

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Voices from Mums

“…I realised the importance of water” M.N., 52 years old, Housewife - Handa district

I’ve recently started using Zoe to mix with spirits, however I mainly use Zoe for cooking:from stews to soup to stir fries. Even putting a small amount when cooking rice makes quite a difference to its texture and taste. I’m really starting to realise the importance of water. is.

“…the tap water to my house turned bright red” J.K., 42 years old, Entrepreneur - Funabashi district

The term nitrate-nitrogen was very foreign to me, and I was in disbelief when I tested my home water for this substance with the testing kit that came with Zoe. Zoe didn't change colour at all (negative for nitrate-nitrogen) so it was a shock too see the sample of my home’s tap water turn bright red. It was one of those moments where my eyes were opened to the reality of water.

“…because I know that it will be safe for my grandkids”M.S., 68 years old, Housewife - Suginami district

I have recently been blessed with my third grandchild! My daughter uses bottled milk to feed her child so I suggested she try mixing the formula with Zoe water.
I’m not exactly sure why, but it’s interesting to observe the difference in how quickly the baby formula mixes with Zoe, compared to other waters. I always stock Zoe water at my house because I know that it will be safe for my grandkids.

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Zoe began with a simple question: exactly how clean is the water I am drinking?
As someone who carefully chooses what I put in my body, the water that I drink is very important to me. I’d recently heard questionable accounts of the pollutants that can be found in both tap and bottled waters, so I decided to do some research. Through my investigations into “the cleanliness of water”, I came across a not so familiar term: ‘nitrate-nitrogen’.After discovering that measures of pollution are based on the presence of this element in drinking water, the search to find the most unpolluted water became my goal.
After many months, I finally found Mount Daibosatsu, the origin of Zoe.
During my search, I also learnt interesting facts about Black Silica. The tremendous health benefits of Black Silica meant that we had to incorporate this ore with Zoe water in order to have/find the cleanest water. With Black Silica involved in the process our natural water,Zoe, was born.
It’s interesting to see that we know very little about the quality of the water we drink when our society, and life in general, relies so heavily on this precious substance. With this in mind, it’s not farfetched to say that water has some effects on disease prevention, natural healing processes, anti-ageing and improved skin quality. As individuals we can influence our own health substantially; water makes up the majority of our bodies, therefore I hope you see the power of water on your health through drinking Zoe.
The journey with Zoe has just started - I hope to further raise awareness of Zoe and the benefits of choosing a natural and pure water, especially for our children, mothers, and health conscious individuals.