Black Silica

The natural mineral water Zoe passes through a particular ore known as black silica during the filtration stage in Yamanashi prefecture.

This unique process instils health improving qualities into the water.
Black silica is known as a ‘miracle ore’ in Japan, and is found in only one particular area of Hokkaido - the major northern island of Japan. It is a special ore which arises from the fossilisation of a group of algae, ‘diatoms’. Diatoms live on the ocean floor around Hokkaido and are unique as their cell walls are composed of silica. This unique characteristic causes fossils made of diatoms to emanate far infrared rays and negative ions.

These ‘far infrared rays’ are known to provide healing properties for the human body;promoting better blood flow, boosting the immune system and alleviating muscular fatigue.
Black silica is used in many hot springs, saunas, and bedrock baths in Japan for this reason. It’s health benefits has made it so popular in Japan that it’s not uncommon to see black silica in accessories such as bracelets and other everyday items. Exposure to
sufficient amounts of negative ions also have similar benefits as far infrared rays.

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