Quality Control

Safety and quality assurance is Zoe’s top priority - to ensure our high standard of quality and safety, we have strict quality control.
Despite the great distance between the source of Zoe water and Fukushima, radiation checks are conducted monthly as a precaution due to the events that occurred at the Fukushima power plant in East Japan in 2011.
We also monitor pollutants in the water, and maintain levels far below the Japanese standard. The level of nitrate-nitrogen in Zoe water ranges from 0-0.02mg/L, compared to the maximum threshold of 10mg/L - this is equivalent to 1/500th of the accepted levels.
Zoe also upholds the quality standards of other countries like the United States.
As a final effort, heat sterilisation is performed, boiling Zoe water at 115 degrees celsius for 15 seconds. This process removes any possible bacteria and unwanted particles. Our water is then bottled with no human interference until the bottle is opened by you -maintaining the quality and safety of this top quality drinking water.

iodine …no detection(4/2017)
cesium 134 …no detection
cesium 134 …no detection

iodine …no detection
cesium 134 …no detection
cesium 134 …no detection

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